Episode 367 Scott Adams: President Trump’s Speech, Pelosi and Schumer’s Taxidermist, CNN Mind Reading, CO2


  • Our government is dysfunctional because the press is broken
  • Business model of the press today is different than in the past
    • Press today invokes “hair on fire” viewer responses
  • President Trump failed to persuade effectively
    • Schumer and Pelosi failed to persuade effectively
    • Everyone was arguing about the definition of a word
  • Don’t we need border control, even if Mexico doesn’t pay for it?
  • CNN’s S.E.Cupp demonstrates her mind reading powers
    • She knows President Trump’s secret intentions
    • S.E.Cupp knows what the President “really thinks”
  • CNN fake news making strategies
    • Whiteboard discussion of CNN’s fake news techniques
  • No evidence that CO2 makes a difference in climate change?
    • What is the counter argument?
  • Is CO2 a logarithmic factor in climate change?

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