Episode 1315 Scott Adams: The Newest HOAX From the Washington Post, CNN Turns on Biden, Shocking Poll

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  • Governor Newsom’s Feinstein replacement
  • George Floyd City Council settlement…ends trial?
  • “Find the fraud” was an impeachment HOAX 
  • “Fine people” was an impeachment HOAX
  • “Rogues’ gallery of outsiders and contrarians”
  • Psychology of COVID vaccination discomfort

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Episode 422 Scott Adams: I Predict That Fake News Will Destroy all Life on Earth. With Coffee


  • Jussie Smollet story, is it a turning point in our view of reality?
    • The news used to be regarded as 80% true, 20% false
    • Now, it seems reversed, 20% true, 80% false
  • Review of current news stories…how many are fake news?
  • Are ANY of the things on current emergency list…emergencies?
    • Everything already on the list is stretching the definition
  • Good persuasion on climate change
    • Article author David Wallace Wells, very persuasive
    • It’s WORSE than we think, and happening FASTER
    • Immediacy is important, visual persuasion gold
    • The article moves fear forward persuasively
    • Permafrost is melting, it’s permafrost…and it’s melting
    • Doomsday seed vault in the permafrost is in danger
    • Ice shelf crack grew 11 miles in 6 days, good visual
    • North Pole is 60 to 70 degrees warmer 
    • Is he correct?  No idea. Is it persuasive? Yes
  • Bad persuasion on climate change
    • Hockey stick graphs associated with business swindles
    • In 80 years GDP will increase 10% less than it otherwise would

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