Episode 590 Scott Adams: The Periscope That Will Forever Change the Way You See Reality


  • Why did DC Police allow Antifa masks…which are illegal to wear?
    • DC Police also allowed them to carry flag clubs? Why?
  • Antifa no longer benefits the Democrats…so their time is short
  • Jeffrey Epstein arrested again, credit to Mike Cernovich
  • People that have figured out the simulations “user interface”
  • Directionally ethical concepts…North Korea as one example
  • President Trump understands…jobs, jobs, jobs, is the key
  • Energy versus facts…energy is more important, example: AOC
    • AOC’s energy generates results, with questionable “facts”
  • President Trump understands what’s important and what isn’t
    • He’s the FIRST President who knows where the buttons are
  • God is what’s left when you take everything away

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