Episode 534 Scott Adams: Predicting, Deutsche Bank, Brennan, China, Iran


  • Representative Amash…we have a Representative Amash? 
  • Biden…the less media coverage he gets, the more we’ll like him?
  • President Trump tweet warns Iran to never threaten us again
    • Public warning, and US public seems to support if needed
    • Does Iran want to give the US…an excuse to act?
    • Does Iran want the US to say “all options are open”?
  • AOC on climate change solutions…”especially the new technologies”
    • AOC is open to nuclear…especially the new technologies?
    • AOC is acknowledging risk/reward balance favors nuclear?
  • Social media sent a message to government…it was received
    • Simultaneous, well deserved “pat on the back”
  • Comey’s email to staff…Brennan INSISTS dossier be included?
    • Wouldn’t Brennan have known intel was from Russian Intel? 
    • Wouldn’t Brennan have known it would affect our election?
  • Comey and Brennan paper trail…THEY colluded with Russia?
    • Is the evidence overstated, where’s the counter-narrative?
    • Cognitive blindness prevents the left from seeing the obvious?
    • Exculpatory unknown evidence is possible…but WOW
  • Deutsche Bank specialists look for suspicious transactions
    • When spotted, management decides if it’s an issue or not
    • CNN isn’t reporting how often flags are evaluated as okay
    • “How often” is the missing KEY context
    • 99% of flagged transactions get approved, it’s normal
  • Atlantic story, researchers find topic experts are NOT best predictors
    • Best predictors have…a good “talent stack”
    • Broad experience predicts better than siloed expertise
  • Only a few congress people have read the Mueller report, why?
    • Because facts don’t matter?
    • Did you expect the facts to change anyone’s opinion?
    • If so…your filter on reality should be examined
  • Social media higher level platform to aggregate and filter platforms?
    • Create platform competition where none exists now?
    • Auto-posting to multiple platforms to counter de-platforming? 
    • Users could suspend social media platforms as penalty
    • All content auto-posted on alternate platforms gives users power
  • Slippery slopes don’t happen because a counter-force always appears
    • Candace Owens suspension…and reversal of her suspension
  • SPLC pushed the “Fine People” HOAX in a tweet yesterday
    • Racially damaging and divisive, needed to be reported
    • Do they really not know it was a HOAX?

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