Episode 563 Scott Adams: Why the Press Can’t Tell the Difference Between Treason and Listening

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  • Biden says he’s either low IQ or slow, he’s not sure which
  • Two Iranian tankers with cargo for Japan attacked
  • Is it legal to listen to a person TALK? Is LISTENING ever illegal?
  • Diamond & Silk’s insight: Are illegal immigrants ABOVE THE LAW?
  • Can you reverse engineer social media algorithms?
  • The world has my authorization to create “Deep Fakes” of me  
  • I want to be the FIRST…
    • Carbon based creature who becomes a digital creature


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Episode 280 Scott Adams: Hillary’s “Joke” and my Awkward Meeting With Diamond and Silk


  • Hillary made a joke about people that say what she said
  • My awkward meeting with Diamond and Silk

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