Episode 1676 Scott Adams: Today I’m Going to Change Some People’s Lives. One Person in Particular Who Doesn’t See it Coming


  • The Dilbert Filter applied to today’s news
  • Mining the Ukraine safety corridor?
  • Biden wants to regulate crypto
  • Predictions for the Russian economy
  • Putin’s 4 criteria for ending the war
  • Whiteboard: Gurwinder @G_S_Bhogal

Episode 1396 Scott Adams: I Put the Dilbert Filter on the Wuhan Lab Story, Headlines That Don’t Match Stories, & Show Trials

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  • Wuhan Lab stories through Dilbert filter
  • Fake news weaponizing public against each other
  • Immunosuppressants and COVID vaccinations
  • Examples of fake news assigning opinions
  • A new force of evil…the Strike PAC
  • Extraordinary potential of mRNA tech

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