Episode 672 Scott Adams: Jake Tapper Drawing Dilbert This Week, the “Worse Than Watergate” guy, Ukraine

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  • Jake Tapper and I are raising funds for a worthy charity
    • Veteran Support Group: Homes For Our Troops
    • Hate tweets for charitable efforts?
  • Jake Tapper’s talent stack is impressive, like Hannity’s
  • All communication is influence
    • Communication and influence…are the SAME THING
  • PM Modi introduced President Trump in absolutely glowing terms
    • Influence grade persuasion for leader of BOTH countries
  • Ukraine “whistleblower” did NOT hear anything personally
  • A “Stages of Grief” model for Democrat stories
    • The pattern repeats, never reaching acceptance
  • Mark Schneider is correct…
    • SAFE nuclear power cures BOTH eco-anxiety & climate change
    • Mark is correct, per my understanding of economics 
  • Children being terrified for political advantage should STOP
    • Those children need to be deprogrammed

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