Episode 255 Scott Adams: Trump’s Moral Code, the Two Movies, Angry Dems, Walls


  • Drug sniffing dogs are effective at detecting Fentanyl
  • Can we train our family dogs to do that if we have teenagers?
  • Continuing uproar over Bakari Sellers and CNN panel Kanye comments
  • Juan Williams statement about universal health care
  • Juan says it will save money
  • Conservatives says it will cost 32 trillion dollars
  • Newt Gingrich believes the wall will help with Fentanyl trafficking
  • A social process for convincing others to register and vote
  • Dems have decided that they need to be more like President Trump
  • Universal health care is a Trump-like “big ask” to begin negotiations
  • In capitalism, if you have negotiating leverage…you use it
  • The “theatre of Trump” is intentional and effective
  • Hillary “never got it”
  • Rand Paul and Kanye get it
  • Managing ego is an important skill that President Trump and Kanye share
  • Replacing Nikki Haley with Dina Powell?

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