Episode 1221 Scott Adams: Using DNA to determine your COVID-19 Risk

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Conversation with Razib Khan, Traitwell spokesperson and geneticist, on the topic of determining your COVID-19 risk based on your DNA.  Will this be the new big tool?

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Episode 607 Scott Adams: Othram CEO David Mittleman About Genome Crime Solving, Mueller Reruns


  • DNA provides height prediction, eye color, general characteristics 
    • Reconstructing damaged DNA samples from crime scenes
    • “Touch DNA” and DNA by sniffing the air
  • Othram – Justice through genomics https://www.othram.com
  • Cameras everywhere and DNA ID advancements
    • All major crimes may soon be solvable
  • Mueller isn’t presenting an image that gives confidence in testimony
    • Expect a ton of forgettable news from Mueller’s testimony
  • DOJ opening MAJOR tech investigation
    • Google has two bad options and an unsolvable problem
  • Omar and Tlaib’s old tweets paint an interesting picture
  • Andrew Yang’s favorite curse word and his poll numbers

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