Episode 624 Scott Adams: Epstein Taking the Big Dirt-Nap, Word-Thinking, Civil Trade War


  • Doesn’t “suicide watch” involve somebody…watching?
  • Is Trump doing good things for America just to irritate Bill Maher? 
    • Bill Maher continues hoping American economy tanks
  • Domestic trade war being pushed HARD by the Democrats
    • A trade war with ourselves, within our country
    • Will it achieve Bill Maher’s recession wishes and hopes?
  • Andrew Yang weasel words, “people view him as racist”
    • Litmus test for Democrat Candidates?
  • Donny Deutsch says support President Trump, you’re a racist
    • Is he intentionally attempting to create a race war?
  • The “Fine People” HOAX is raging again nationally
    • What’s MISSING from this story and all the coverage?
  • Michael Moore is credible on the left and questioning GND
    • Green energy market…is a scam, per Michael Moore?
  • 3 pillars support the Democrat party, and they’re all collapsing
    1. Russian Collusion HOAX
    2. Fine people HOAX
    3. Economic predictions for climate change HOAX

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