Episode 644 Scott Adams: The Happiness Formula


  • The Happiness Formula: A Scott Adams whiteboard talk

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Episode 511 Scott Adams: Political Lies, Mass Hysteria, All the Racist Comments, Dopamine


  • Is Senator Wyden, the dumbest person in politics?
    • He STILL believes the debunked “fine people” HOAX?
    • Major media is now acknowledging it was a HOAX
  • FBI had unconfirmed, unverifiable Steele dossier
    • Steele then leaked the dossier to the media
    • FBI then claimed to have TWO independent “confirmations”
    • The FBI “seeds” information to the press for confirmation?
  • Press takes one thing after another out of context
    • The press “seeds” the narratives they want to push out
    • Then they refer to each other’s reporting to cement propaganda
  • The psychology of mass hysteria
    • Example: Sonic weapon pointed at our Cuban embassy
  • How many times has WaPo and other media…lied about Trump?
    • WaPo says President Trump has lied 10,000 times
    • Search on “fine people” HOAX gets over a million hits
    • Search for “Russian Collusion” HOAX gets over a million hits
  • Organizing your life around dopamine
    • Exercise releases dopamine
    • Music releases dopamine, but music lyrics program the brain
    • Accomplishments, even small ones, release dopamine
      • Completion releases dopamine
  • Lighting and color balance, impacts mental state
    • Seek lighting that produces your desired mental state

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