Episode 1787 Scott Adams: Today I Will Rip The Cover Off Reality And Show You What’s Really Going On


  • Darwin and Einstein now believed wrong…as I predicted
  • J6 Committee distorted Ken Klukowski testimony?
  • Are words violence?
  • Rudy Giuliani assaulted
  • Time saving tips from Democrats
  • Prime Influencers and AI
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Success is a Relative Thing

    There is no such thing as absolute success. Success only has meaning in relation to other things. For example, my book, God’s Debris, is ranked #8 on a recent Amazon.com best seller list in the Religious Studies – Psychology category. That doesn’t seem like much of a success until you notice who placed 9th. It’s all relative.

    Suck it, number nine! 

    (And by that I mean not literally a “sucking” force but more of an illusion caused by your dead lips bending space-time.)

    I’m a terrible winner.

    [If your firewall blocks the image, you can peep it on @ScottAdamsSays on Twitter.]


    [Update: God’s Debris climbed to #3 after I posted this, but I was happier at #8 because it was funnier.]

    In Top Tech Blog:

    How much AC would you save if your windows automatically changed color to block sunlight on the hot side of a building? We’ve been hearing about color-changing windows forever but this time the economics might work.

    I am considering buying this bike that can’t be stolen just to leave it locked up in Oakland for a weekend so its Chilean designers can see they still have work to do.