Episode 432 Scott Adams: CNN Opening Capone’s Vault (Cohen Testimony), Climate Hijinx


  • Actual CNN headline today:
    • “Watch Trump try to pull off the ultimate distraction”
    • His purpose in pursuing NK denuclearization…is distraction?
  • CNN Fake News Don Lemon reads BOMBSHELL Cohen statement
  • Congressional Rep Matt Gaetz tweets about Cohen
    • Dirtiest trick I’ve ever seen…also kinda relevant
    • Tweet focused the countries attention on Cohen’s lying
  • Charlottesville Hoax Update
    • Joel Pollak calls Chris Cuomo a liar, 2,000 retweets
    • We’re saying it’s a CNN fake news story, loudly
    • This is the dog that doesn’t bark
    • NO pushback from CNN, no disputing what we’ve said
  • Chairman Kim and President Trump’s chemistry
    • President Trump’s “focused charisma” is very strong
    • Their personal connection seems genuine to me
  • History will eventually see President Trump was first to understand
    • Our NK problem was the lack of INTERPERSONAL relationships
    • President Trump and Chairman Kim are getting along
    • Chairman Kim and SK President Moon Jae-in get along
    • The more those relationships develop, so does peace
  • Climate Change Update – Whiteboard: IPCC Says?
    • Is “extreme weather”, confirmation of climate change?
    • CNN article says extreme weather is from climate change
    • CNN is saying they’re connected
    • Notice they are NOT saying it’s human induced
  • SQUIRREL!!! Uh…sorry, what was I saying?
    • The House convened a sub panel on climate change
    • Dems didn’t show up, Republicans did
    • Why aren’t Dems serious about impending “apocalypse”?

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