Episode 656 Scott Adams: All the Crazy People on Twitter Today, Hong Kong, Science


  • Twitter says I’m a “Soros puppet” working with Bill Pulte…
    • …as Bill gives away his money to various people in need
    • Q crowd is outraged and full of suspicion
  • Kamala’s: “well said, well said” in response to cruel statement
  • HK protesters attempting to pull the US into their fight, should we?
  • Accidental discovery, epigenetic clock…it made people YOUNGER
    • IMMORTALITY…here we come!!!
  • “Quantum radar” has potential to render stealth aircraft detectable
  • Bill Gates concept of seeding the atmosphere to combat climate change
    • Hurricane prevention is another potential benefit
  • My weird medical symptoms and their surprising common source
    • Loss of hearing, loss of smell, allergy issues…but only 1 nostril
  • Andrew Yang: Victim of media conspiracy to delete him?
  • CNN’s love letter to Kamala Harris
  • #ChinaDecoupling as a national security interest
    • Lack of honor makes China an unreliable trade partner

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