Episode 626 Scott Adams: Epstein Theories, Bad Media Persuasion, Bad Pattern Recognition, Gun Control


  • Massive incompetence is the norm for large organizations
    • Prisons are large organizations…are they an exception?
  • WaPo mass shooting list, journalism or partisan politics persuasion?
  • If you don’t understand the “Bible Code” phenomena…
    • …you don’t understand the reality you live in
  • Coincidences and proof are different things
    • BOTH political parties package coincidences…
      • …for persuasion of the public
  • “Top of Mind” concept and brainwashing
  • President Trump speaks HONESTLY
    • We see his HONEST opinions in his way of speaking
    • Interpretations of his honest opinions…NOT necessarily honest
    • Treat President Trump with respectful disagreement, no worries
      • “All” you have to do then, is out-negotiate him
    • Treat the President unfairly or disrespectfully…he hits back
  • You’ll NEVER see a productive gun control debate, here’s why

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