Episode 763 Scott Adams: Join Me to Impeach a Cup of Coffee While Discussing The Impeachy World

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  • Is a vote to impeach, before a Senate trial…impeachment?
  • The shocking ease of law enforcement phone tracking
    • John McAfee’s thoughts on phone tracking
  • CNN went dark in China for certain Democrat debate topic 
  • President Trump is whatever the situation requires…
    • Presidential for state functions
    • Entertaining comedian at his rallies
    • Master troll on Twitter
  • WSJ editorial:
    • Mueller report did NOT mention Steele dossier was FALSE
    • It was KNOWN to be false…long before his report
  • Why is Nancy Pelosi delaying transmission of impeachment?
  • The Atlantic, strident anti-Trump publication, mocks Paul Krugman
  • The fake news list for 2019…is a LONG list
  • The “Circle Game” is a COMMON, well known kids game
  • The gender discussion
  • National debt, why did we stop talking about that?
  • Fairness is a subjective concept

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