Episode 160 Scott Adams: Moving Goalposts, Economic success, The Love March and 4D Chess With 3D Coffee


  • Quarterly 4.1% GDP, annual results look like they’ll be good, yay?
  • Media pushing the narrative of moving goalposts
    • Don Jr. meeting, you can’t listen to what someone has to say?
  • You can’t believe your eyes and ears
    • Koi pond video
    • Yanni and Laurel
  • Fareed Zakaria has a serious case of TDS…no NK or EU progress?
  • The economy is a psychology engine
  • My interest in “this Hawk Newsome guy”
  • More stories lately about TDS being a legitimate mental issue
  • Dale attacks Scott for his “pretzel logic”
  • 800 regulations removed…has anything bad happened as a result?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • If you can’t stop thinking and talking about her, what’s that mean?
    • Does it remind you of someone else…like President Trump?
    • Master Persuader trait: not getting embarrassed, no matter what
    • Master Persuader trait: She uses visual persuasion


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