Episode 671 Scott Adams: 3D Printed Guns, Invisible Biden Support, The Singularity and Delicious Coffee

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  • Content:
  • What to expect…when the computers rise and take over
  • Jordan Peterson in rehab facility, once again he’s a role model
    • Addiction is NOT related to intelligence
  • New Apple iPhone 11…I’ve been seduced
    • A delightful experience from packaging to product
  • Jake Tapper will guest artist Dilbert this week, beginning Monday
    • It’s for charity, to support a worthy veteran’s group
  • 3D GUN MAKING…works pretty well
    • Can governments control and prevent this technology?
    • The future of 3D gun printing
  • Elizabeth Warren is ahead of Biden in CNN Iowa poll
    • Do you know ANYONE who supports Biden?
  • Open borders: Ever met a supporter of open borders?
  • FEAR is an effective persuader
    • Candidates SCARE adults for their votes, all the time
    • Adults SCARING KIDS into mental health issues
      • …to promote adult partisan politics, is heinous

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