Episode 734 Scott Adams: Loserthink on Twitter Today, #Shampeachment, Teaching You Magic Trick

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  • Teaching you two magic tricks
  • Preet Bharara’s persuasion slight-of-hand tweet
  • Joe Biden’s loserthink tweet…”FULL STOP”
  • Anti-Trumpers couldn’t name single best impeachment reason
  • CNN’s Stephen Collinson reports Fiona Hill “nailed it” 
  • Chris Cuomo calls his Mom, Dana Bash’s difficulty confirming
  • Criminal investigation of FBI person altering FISA support document
  • Elon Musk introduces unbreakable Cyber-Truck window
  • Swalwell’s EXCELLENT reply…asked about going on FOX news
  • AG Barr’s odd comments about Epstein’s suicide
  • My 3 favorite Twitter idiots
  • Clever framing to brainwash public for impeachment
  • A provocative suggestion for boring Yang

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