Episode 660 Scott Adams: The Most Excellent Coffee With Scott Adams Since Yesterday. Join Me!


  • Alyssa Milano owns two guns…and she’s pro 2A?
  • China targets Republican areas for trade negotiation
    • That’s election interference…right?
  • SCOTUS upholds ban on country-hopping asylum seekers
  • Ban on flavored vape products
    • Secretary Azar is becoming a Trump admin super-star
  • Critics of Trump admin’s foreign policy (Iran and NK)
    • Criticism WITHOUT offering an alternative plan?
  • Whiteboard: Nuclear Risk versus Climate Risk
  • Nuclear RISK is approaching zero with Gen 3 and Gen 4
    • The poor will benefit MOST from nuclear power
  • FAKE NEWS: 15 Billion to Iran by Trump admin
  • FAKE NEWS: Kremlin spy saved from Trump admin
  • FAKE NEWS: Israel planting spy device close to White House
  • Kanye tore down his low-income housing experimental designs
    • State or Feds should set framework to allow testing
  • Update: “Fine People” HOAX debunking link problem resolved
    • It was confirmation bias and a certificate issue

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