Episode 1666 Scott Adams: The Only Original Thoughts About Ukraine, Goes Well With a Beverage


  • Ukraine fog-of-war tales
  • Sanctioning SWIFT…no big deal?
  • Are pipelines to Europe in danger?
  • Whiteboard: Russia
  • President Putin’s version of events
  • Specificity of narcissist behavior
  • Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination
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Episode 297 Scott Adams: The 2020 Competition, North Korea, Lawyers Against Trump


  • Bjorn Lomborg graphs on climate change:
    • Biggest reduction in CO2 production last year: U.S.
    • Biggest increase in CO2 production last year: China
  • Poll says Democrat frontrunner for President: Kamala Harris
  • NYT article says dumb Trump Admin allowing NK to build WMD
    • Hmm…same thing NYT said about Iraq
  • Democrats plan to bury Administration in lawsuits till 2020
    • They plan to go…full Avenatti?
  • Will Matthew Whitaker become the AG?
  • Understanding the concept, “fog of war”
    • Fog of war applies to all political news
    • Broward (possible) voter fraud
    • Odds that Broward is actual significant voter fraud
  • Lack of imagination prevents you from understanding reality
    • “how would you explain…” = “I lack imagination”
    • Inability to  imagine other explanations isn’t proof of anything
    • Many people lack visual imagination
  • If Q encourages followers to do their own research…
    • …and you haven’t researched “Q prediction failures”
  • Climate studies are modeled the same as a famous stock hoax
    • 70% of peer reviewed studies aren’t true
    • It’s common for scientists to (mostly) all agree, and be wrong
    • Food pyramid was fully reviewed, approved, accepted…and wrong

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