Episode 539 Scott Adams: Biden, Infrastructure Theater, Word-Thinking, Shadowbanning


  • Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels…back in the news again
  • Political season is upon us, and some odd traffic coincidences 
    • We’re left to guess why traffic patterns suddenly altered
    • The fact we can’t tell why…portends regulation
  • Lack of social media algorithm transparency…
    • …IS the end of our Republic
    • Not necessarily a coordinated conspiracy, but same result
  • Joe Biden has no legislative accomplishments
    • A career in politics, and NO accomplishments to show? 
  • VP candidate traditionally boring, watered-down version of POTUS
    • Biden was more boring than President Obama
    • Now Biden has to select his own VP, that’s even more boring
  • CNN and MSNBC producing stories out of colorful words
    • CNN reports Pelosi says she’s getting under POTUS skin
  • Social media wasn’t able to obtain their desired result in 2016
    • By 2020, expect them to be more effective, less noticeable
  • Social media culling the herd, by banning the worst of the right
    • What will happen if they don’t also ban worst of the left?
  • Gov involved BEFORE the money is made, that’s the socialism flaw
    • Gov ownership, control of major income producer companies
  • Shepard Smith’s extraordinarily capable reporting the other day
    • He riffed for an hour without a script, visually excellent
  • AOC and the conservative Freedom Caucus…AGREE on something 
    • Facial recognition everywhere, all the time, no privacy, BAD
    • Well…it’s going happen anyway, it isn’t avoidable
  • Terrorism will result in facial recognition everywhere, all the time
    • Outrage, protests…and then facial recognition will win
    • 10 years from now, facial recognition will be EVERYWHERE

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