Episode 698 Scott Adams: Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard, “GET OVER IT” Shirts, Hunter Gatherer, Syria Delusions

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  • President Trump is suing CNN for fake news
  • Mick Mulvaney’s press conference was genius
    • All talks between world leaders are quid pro quo
  • The persuasion value of “Get Over It” tee shirts
  • The persuasion value of holding the G-7 at Doral
  • Elizabeth Warren’s plan to fundamentally change our system
  • How did Gregg Jarrett guess the title of Tiger Woods new book?
  • Hillary says Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset
    • An embarrassing day for Don Lemon
  • Tulsi’s persuasion phrasing: ”personification of the rot”
  • Huffington Post struggles financially
  • Ivanka Trump’s Chinese trademarks
    • The strategy behind Chinese trademarks
  • Mexican police outgunned in shootout with cartel paramilitary
  • Funnier than usual FOX News headlines
  • Who’s lying to America about the cost of universal healthcare?

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