Episode 1815 Scott Adams: The January 6 Hearings Have Cleared Trump. Will News Report It That Way?


  • Hiring Nazis to support your political opponent
  • J6 produced no evidence of insurrection
  • J6 Democrats doubling down
  • Recession definition modified
  • WSJ weird hit piece on Elon Musk
  • Dave the Black engineer colorized White today
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Episode 568 Scott Adams: Amazing Erik Finman, Gaslighting, Harvard Hypocrites, Trump Heights

  • Content: 
  • Brainwashing IS real, gaslighting is NOT real
  • Guest: Erik Finman, self-made teenage Bitcoin millionaire…now age 20
    • “I was bored and wanted to launch a satellite…”
    • The future of Bitcoin, what to expect
    • Visit Erik’s website: https://coinbitsapp.com
  • Harvard and a despicable rat…screwed Kyle Kashuv in the 11th hour
    • They’ve pinned the needle on the disgusting, immorality scale
  • Israel just named a town after President Trump, “Trump Heights”
    • Is ANYONE still worried President Trump might be anti-semitic?
  • Systems versus Goals…A system for every part of your life
  • AOC and President Trump are tweeting to each other
    • What AOC is doing…is working, she’s hit the big time
    • Her persuasive powers are the real deal
  • Andrew Yang has agreed to be interviewed here…soon
    • Like President Trump and AOC…he’s fascinating

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Episode 351 Scott Adams: Gaslighting…and a New Microphone


  • Anti-Trumpers believe their TDS is “gaslighting” by conservatives
    • Gaslighting would make their TDS someone else’s fault
    • Gaslighting explanation protects the person’s ego
  • Is General Mattis our best General and irreplaceable?
    • What about our second best, third best, etc?
    • News spin promoted fear, impacted the stock market
  • The media is destroying the economy and blaming Trump
  • Did the Fed make a mistake raising rates?
    • Could they have waited six months to raise the rate?
  • David Pakman asked at what point is the bad market Trump’s fault?
  • Soros funds a number of left-leaning organizations
    • You can know what a person does, but not what they’re thinking
    • How much influence does he represent?  We don’t know

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