Episode 612 Scott Adams: Fake Outrage Trolls, Will I Apologize for my Tweet Within 48 Hours?


  • Troll outrage over reminding people that a tool exists to get word out
    • News organizations seeking witness accounts…it’s an option
  • Frank Luntz, Frank, Frank, Frank…
    • …there’s no such thing as a news org that isn’t money oriented
    • FAKE OUTRAGE…on behalf of other people
  • It’s more productive to treat Gilroy as a mental health issue, than gun issue
  • Calling people who support President Trump…”maggots”
  • Gell-Man amnesia effect
    • Experts on a topic know the news gets everything wrong…
      • …on the topic of their expertise
    • Should we trust the news is somehow correct on topics…
      • …where we do NOT have personal expertise?
  • Building NEW cities to house people from broken cities?
    • Removing people from broken toxic environments
    • Some people can’t function in society, and need a solution
    • Cities for the addicted?

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