Episode 373 Scott Adams: The Turley Hypothesis, CNN’s Border Story


  • Jonathan Turley, legal scholar, article ponders the question…
    • Are Russian Collusion and deep state, confirmation bias?
    • Does confirmation bias fit the facts?
  • 3 Possibilities, which one is most likely?
    • 1. Deep state attempted to set up a candidate/President 
    • 2. President Trump is actually a Putin puppet
    • 3. Both sides “saw” crimes, but actually confirmation bias 
  • Prediction:
    • No convictions or impeachments for Russian Collusion or deep state activity
  • Humans can only invent ourselves or a better version of ourselves
    • Facebook is our heart and family
    • Twitter is our brain
  • Geo-Engineering the earth and other planets
    • Is God both our future and our past?

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