Episode 477 Scott Adams Part2: China Trade Deal, GND, Apology Tours, String Theory, Boycotts, Healthcare


  • Healthcare is the hardest topic, and there’s no real movement
    • Nobody fully understands the healthcare  
  • Democrat proposal for simple solution healthcare
    • Governmental competitive healthcare plan 
  • Don Lemon hilariously complaining about to much Dem apologizing
    • Apologizing makes you weak…and Trump doesn’t do it?
  • Demanding apologies for even the smallest of infractions 
    • Lupita Nyong’o is apologizing effectively, acceptably
    • We should stop judging people by their mistakes
      • We should judge based on their response to mistake
  • George Clooney wants boycott of hotels owned by Sultan for Sharia law
    • Bill Maher argues against boycotts
    • Boycotts are like a virus, everyone becomes infected, affected
  • Spam Killing apps for your phone works…try one
  • NO evidence of Trump misdeeds in Mueller report?
    • Evidence, confirmation bias, coincidence…all look the same
    • Odds of something, anything substantial  
    • Fine was over $100 million dollars
  • Do scientists routinely fake scientific results…for grant money?
    • Duke scientists committed criminal fraud…repeatedly?
  • Gravity might be an illusion per results of scientific experiments
  • Competing Hypothesis for The Theory of Everything
    • Sim theory hypothesis for an expanding universe
    • Greatly simplifies the programming code required

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