Episode 106: The Children in Cages


  • Kids in cages, bad…and nobody has a viable alternative?
    • Fraudulent, but deeply effective persuasion
    • Lacks factual accuracy
    • Untrue, misleading
    • Out of context
    • Could be solved tomorrow
    • Why is it so effective?  Cause facts don’t matter
  • Cognitive dissonance example: anti-Trump laundry lists
    • Their initial gigantic fears about President Trump didn’t manifest
    • But they’re the “smart ones” in the conversation
    • So new fears are needed to replace the faded ones
    • If you can’t find a sufficiently big fear, you need lots of little ones
  • George Lakoff’s dilemma
    • Highly qualified cognitive expert
    • He sees and understands that…
    • President Trump is using skill and experience consistently
    • But 99% of his side believe it’s just luck
    • George’s problem?  Facts don’t matter


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