Episode 554 Scott Adams: Biden’s Climate Plan, Plan to Reduce Gun Violence, 2020 Election

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  • Joe Concha said WHAT?
  • A gun control suggestion for handling people with mental health 
  • Update: the 3 legged stool of TDS
  • Mueller witness George Nader…has been arrested
  • 59% responded to candidate poll question by asking…Pete who?
  • Kamala and the mic-taking protester
  • Only 15% of Dems want focus on Presidential behavior
  • Joe Biden is VERY pro-nuclear, he has the best climate change plan
  • Dem candidates BOOed for saying socialism can’t possibly work
  • CNN’s take on Axios interview of Jared Kushner about “birtherism”
  • Update: Anthony Scaramucci unfollowing…then following me again