Episode 505 Scott Adams: TDS, Dopamine, Climate Crazies, Russian Interference, Bernie


  • President Trump’s criticism of Chris Cuomo and his reply
    • Cuomo acknowledged a lot of the really good stuff happening
    • Then he implied 50% approval rating is Trump’s fault
  • Without all the fake news, President Trump’s approval would be 75%
    • Today, the news industry creates the news
  • Crazy Bernie has become the voice of reason  
    • Bernie’s more concerned about issues than impeachment
    • He says impeachment efforts would STRENGTHEN Trump
  • Glen Greenwald’s tweets on Mueller report continue to impress
    • Glen is correcting deceptively reported fake news by the press
    • Glen is a liberal that sees his side ignoring, spinning the truth
  • Really DUMB things I hear on social media
  • CO2 is plant food…and studies show the world is “greening”
    • Plants are responding to increased food supply availability
  • The concept of “too much” seems lost on many people
    • A little warming may not an issue, unlimited warming…issue
  • “More CO2 in the past” is the most debunked claim in climate change
  • “Smoking gun” climategate emails, there’s simply no intent
  • 12,000 Boy Scouts were VICTIMS of sexual abuse
    • Those are the known victims, how many don’t we know about?
  • Transgenders in sports and fairness concerns
    • Sports by design and intention, creates mostly losers
  • Chairman Kim visits Putin in Russia
    • I have a feeling this could be a good, important peace step
    • If US, China, Russia pledge to protect NK, they don’t need nukes
  • People sometimes believe I’m trolling when I say things they disagree with
    • I’m not, I believe the opinions I express
  • Weird explanations for things is a tell for Cognitive Dissonance
    • Cog-Dis is how our human brains reject things we can’t accept

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