Episode 591 Scott Adams: Antifa’s Diversity Problem, Equal pay for Soccer Players, Slaughter Meter


  • Why “slippery slopes” don’t really exist
  • AfroFuture Music Festival charged white people more than other races
    • Sounds like a “slippery slope”…what happened?
  • Women are aggressively, effectively negotiating for greater pay
    • Good persuasion technique, worthy of President Trump
  • Antifa when the masks come off…mugshots show LACK of diversity
  • President Trump gets MORE POPULAR every time antifa rises up
  • Joe Biden is sucking all the energy out of the Democrat party
  • Drone defense system, large drone swarms are coming SOON
    • Small drones versus laser defense systems
  • GOP gets more small dollar donations than the DNC, a key indicator
  • 5 serious indicators that President Trump will win 2020
    • Slaughtermeter now at 200% favoring President Trump…
      • …assuming nothing changes (which it always does)
  • US high drug costs SUBSIDIZE drugs for rest of world
    • “Most Favored Nation” clause allows others lower cost
    • Why can’t WE be a favored nation?
  • Yesterday’s Periscope…provocative ending sentence
    • Understanding subjective reality is the key

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