Episode 1880 Scott Adams: Let’s Figure Out Who Blew Up The Pipeline. Get In Here


  • Nord Stream pipelines and John Brennon’s credibility
  • People pushing for face masks again
  • J6 Gaslighters main assumption
  • If we had pulled out of NATO
  • President Trump’s trivial legal problems
  • Narcan vending machines
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Episode 630 Scott Adams: Greenland, Omar and Tlaib, Hong Kong, Trump Rhetoric, Don Lemon Drop


  • Purchase Greenland…why not? CNN anti-Trumpers react
    • “Big Thinking” concepts and President Trump
  • Stephen Colbert doesn’t know anything about President Trump?
  • Ghislaine Maxwell spotted reading book about CIA operative deaths
  • Why do President Trump’s critics change his words?
    • If his actual words are so bad, why do they alter them?
  • Don Lemon allegation…just two drunk guys in a late-night bar?
  • President Trump accused Tlaib and Omar of racism, smart move?
  • A brain hack to deprogram bigotry via conversation
  • Has Tlaib and Omar’s gender and ethnicity HELPED them achieve?

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