Episode 642 Scott Adams: Nuking Hurricanes, Biden’s Brain, Yang’s Nuclear Energy Proposal, Chappelle


  • Is ALL mental illness curable with the correct medication?
    • Boosting serotonin and dopamine via natural means
  • Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special is REALLY funny
  • Greenland’s unpaid NATO debt to US…and Greenland
    • “Leasing” Greenland, or purchase in exchange for protection?
  • Beto challenged about pushing the “Fine People” HOAX
    • Beto’s weasel-politician response
  • Biden says he isn’t going nuts
    • Is it nuts to say that, or something else?
  • Is hurricane nuking CRAZY?  Maybe, maybe not
  • Andrew Yang embraces SAFE nuclear power as part of his solution
    • Is he the only serious climate change candidate?
  • Amazon fires HOAX
    • Rampant misinformation, misconceptions
    • Fake photos, fake degree of severity
  • Israel just thwarted a DRONE SWARM attack
    • Drone swarms may end public events if one succeeds
  • QUESTION every single claim from BOTH sides of climate change

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