Episode 477 Scott Adams Part1: China Trade Deal, GND, Apology Tours, String Theory, Boycotts, Healthcare

Topics Part1: 

  • China agrees to outlaw Fentanyl, death penalty for the guilty
  • American press business model almost destroyed America
    • Their business model profits from driving people apart
  • Press taking another run at destroying the world, climate change
    • Why is the press ignoring Gen IV nuclear development
    • President Trump might embrace Gen IV
    • Senator Lamar Alexander “Manhattan Project for Clean Energy”
  • Tucker says GND is really just a centralized power grab
    • Where’s the connective tissue proving this is their intention?
    • Huge claim with NO evidence to support it
  • “Slaughter Meter”, election results if election was held today
    • Meter has dropped from pegged to only 50% today
  • Healthcare is the hardest topic, and there’s no real movement
    • Nobody fully understands the healthcare  
  • Democrat proposal for simple solution healthcare
    • Governmental competitive healthcare plan

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