Episode 371 Scott Adams: The FBI, H1B VISAs, Steve King, Terrorist Deprogramming and Climate of Course


  • CNN says Steve King said white supremacy is okay
    • Did he think that and say that? He clarified later, said no.
    • Even if true…would he have said it in public?
  • President Trump tweets to promote citizenship for H1B people
    • We want productive people, nothing to do with race
  • Your worldview, should be able to predict the future accurately
    • Look at your worldview carefully if it isn’t predictive
  • Social media companies change our opinions by what they feed us
    • In effect, they’re programming us, brainwashing us
    • Self-radicalized by the CNN silo
    • Self-radicalized by the FOX silo
  • Dogs for immigration patrolling
  • Study: White males most likely to question climate change
    • Study also said, the more they knew about topic…
    • …the more they questioned climate change
    • The topic education process creates skeptics?
  • Fraudulent skeptic chart about CO2 and temperature not tracking
    • Chart omitted the sun.  With the sun, they do track
    • The sun matters, it’s included in scientists calculations
  • Invalid rebuttal to say that the climate is always changing
    • Everyone agrees it’s changing, the issue is the rate
  • CO2 increases cloud formations, which increases heat retention
    • Sounds logical, but debate exists, might not be correct
  • Presentation of arguments by both skeptics and believers  
  • Climate models seem closer to BS than science
    • The basic argument seems pretty solid, but not the models
  • 2 dumb arguments…”it’s the water vapor”, “it’s the clouds”

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