Episode 428 Scott Adams: Eating Salad With a Comb, Syria Non-Withdrawals, The Gaffe Deficit and more


  • Contrast and direction are what matter in persuasion
    • Contrast current President Trump with current anti-Trumpers
  • Michael Steele on MSNBC,  even the host wanted clarification
    • Steele’s comment was wrong on unprecedented levels
  • As socialism is flowering in AOC and others, Venezuela is rotting
    • Best possible contrast for capitalism versus socialism
  • Comb-salad eating Amy Klobuchar angry with staffer
    • Story probably isn’t exactly what we’re hearing
  • Black History Month White House event
    • Watch the video closely, OBVIOUS respect and affection
  • Breadline Bernie versus Crazy Bernie
    • The search for his most effective nickname
    • Crazy Bernie is the clear winner
  • The supply of hate crimes is less than demand for them by the left
  • What is the rate of interracial marriages? Has it increased over time?
    • Good indicator of the state of race relations
  • More racial crimes are being reported
    • Does that mean more are happening, or just more reporting?
  • Diane Feinstein’s meeting with 9 year olds promoting New Green Deal
    • Children should not be involved in politics
  • Chris Cillizza thinks President Trump “certainly”…
    • …made people more comfortable airing bigoted views
    • Really? Aren’t we at PEAK intolerance for bigoted views?
  •  Zogby poll: suburban women Trump approval increased recently
    • Reason: They want the wall

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