Episode 518 Scott Adams: Facebook Bans, Biden Lie Tally


  • Anti-Trumper’s are running out of “A” material
    • Comey’s Dilbert-level complaint about his former boss
  • NYT labeled me the successful leader of movement to kill HOAX
    • “Fine People” HOAX is fading away
  • Social Media companies banning people
    • Why were they banned?
  • Social media platforms have become a defacto public utility
    • Social media is an integral part of life in today’s world 
  • Hate speech…who gets to decide, private companies?
    • Each company has a bias, that’s normal, expected
  • President Trump needs to push for a social media censorship solution
    • “Amnesty day” for social media people that have been banned?
    • “Social Media Court” to try and legally judge banning people?
  • Biden lies, how many will be discovered before a lie-count begins?
  • What would happen if the entire news industry went away?
    • No safe-guard function of the press?
      • Russian Collusion HOAX…the media gave us that
      • “Fine People” HOAX…the media gave us that
      • Media organizations just attempted a coup
  • Everything the media tells us, is spin or lies
  • National media today…
    • …is just a manipulation tool by people with agendas

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