Episode 555 Scott Adams MAGA Hats, How to Get RICH From News Bubbles, Digital Babies, Insult News

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  • China treats the religion of Muslim Uighurs as an “Idea virus”
  • Joe Biden’s climate policy plagiarism 
  • A 2020 version of the 2016 MAGA hat that’s invulnerable
  • The perpetual diamond illusion…watch “reality” change
  • Netflix “central park 5” mini-series, will it be anti-Trump?
  • HBO’s Chernobyl…so nuclear power won’t be developed?
  • CNN fact-free opinion articles: where are the reasons and evidence?
  • What is the biological basis for reproduction?
  • Does television have a future, and for how much longer?
  • Fatherless children are finding father figures online, is that good?
  • Compensating for social media bias…and getting RICH off it
  • CVS “Health Hubs” are a cost-lowering concept

Episode 501 Scott Adams: The Coup in Progress, CNN Destroying The Climate, Those Pesky Russians


  • Fentanyl classified as a WMD, Weapon of Mass Destruction
    • Will we occupy Mexico militarily and take out the cartels?
    • Cartels have financial incentive to reduce fentanyl deaths
  • Will the cartels keep Fentanyl out of terrorist hands?
    • It would be self-preservation by the cartels
    • Cartels linked to terrorists…that’s the end of the cartels
  • Terrorists, like the cartels, keep their atrocities below a certain level
    • Below the level that triggers an American military response
  • A Russian person sourced the Steele dossier, Kremlin connected?
    • Narrative: Kremlin was trying to help Trump
    • Confusing Fact: Steele dossier was rabidly anti-Trump
  • Why are Clapper and Brennan not in jail?
    • a coup was attempted on our President, are they innocent?
    • They were in key positions of knowledge and power
  • Did Joe Biden collude with Russia?
    • Joe was on the “team” that attempted the coup
  • CNN and HBO are pushing anti-nuclear propaganda
    • They and the left leaning press are pushing wind solution
    • Are they demonizing SAFE nuclear, to promote wind?
    • Shouldn’t we pursue BOTH, wind and SAFE Gen IV nuclear?
      • We don’t know which is better, so pursue both
      • One…maybe both will provide our best path forward
  • Caller challenge: He will change my opinion in 90 seconds
    • Topic: the death penalty
    • Challenge accepted

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