Episode 577 Scott Adams: Thorium Reactors Saving the World, Border Funding, Healthcare Transparency, Iran


  • Healthcare cost transparency EO (cost reduction) by President Trump 
  • Whomever is willing to torture border children the longest…wins!
    • Solutions to REDUCE or ELIMINATE kids being tortured
  • CNN does multiple interviews of newest nutty accuser 
  • Iran spokesman says “White House is afflicted by mental retardation”
  • President Trump asks…why are WE paying to protect others countries?
  • Guest: Kirk Sorensen, Nuclear and aerospace expert
    • Startup company, developing a thorium reactor
    • BENEFITS of a thorium reactor versus uranium
    • Follow Kirk: @KirkSorensen
  • Project Veritas has confirmed Google CAN affect things…if they want
    • In the long-run, algorithms WILL evolve to contain political bias
  • The problem with Bernie’s“free education” plan
  • Elizabeth Warren’s “gay reparations” plan based on prior tax policies

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