Episode 530 Scott Adams: Beto, Biden, Cuban, Healthcare, Comey, Brennan, The Border


  • Beto’s cringeworthy, white privilege apologies on The View
  • Mark Cuban doesn’t think ANY Democrat candidate has a chance
  • The Democrat candidates would look a LOT more appealing IF…
    • …we weren’t comparing all of them to President Trump
  • Border news, almost none anymore, why?
    • Did coverage stop because President was correct all along?
    • Does border news now support the President? Confirm him?
  • Political left has GOALS
    • The problem is…how do you achieve those goals?
    • The left’s failure is a lack of practical SYSTEMS to achieve goals
  • Political right uses SYSTEMS to achieve GOALS
    • SYSTEMS of the right are processes to achieve desired goals
  • Brennan says him and Clapper didn’t want to use Steele Dossier
    • Brennan says Comey pushed to use it for FISA
  • 14 year old ran a poll on whether she should kill herself
    • 69% said yes
  • “Heartbeat Bill” is brilliant, really strong persuasion
    • Framing of heartbeat as a standard for life
  • Iranian leader Khamenei says there’s NOT going to be a war
    • Unusual for adversarial countries to flat out say…no war
    • Who’s attacking Saudi resources if not Iran?
  • John Bolton is feared by Iran
    • Adversaries that fear Bolton, make peace negotiations possible
  • Media Matters has targeted Dave Rubin for public destruction
    • Why? Because Dave is going to interview Mike Cernovich
    • Media Matters has also targeted Mike for public destruction
  • CIVIL Interactions between people you like and don’t like is a GOOD THING
    • Shine sunlight of the arguments of both sides
    • Let people hear and decide how they feel about both sides

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