Episode 601 Scott Adams: “Send Her Back”, Google Rigging the Election, Mining the Moon


  • The tweets that dismantled the Democrat party, risk management
  • Is Omar and the squad an anchor, dragging down AOC?
    • AOC star power made the squad, she’s the star
    • At what point will AOC drop the squad to continue rising?
  • Hillary supporter, Harvard Ph.D Psychologist, Robert Epstein says…
    • …In 2016, Google manipulated 2-10 million votes to Hillary
  • Google will be a LOT better at data and vote manipulation in 2020
    • In 2024…Google will decide who becomes President,
  • Where will Bernie’s votes go, once he drops out?
  • Mining the moon SOON, for extremely valuable helium 3
  • Indonesia bringing a thorium reactor online soon, safe nuclear energy

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