Episode 1150 Scott Adams: Biden and Kim Jong-Un and Hillary Email

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  • President Trump’s appropriate usage of the “F bomb”
  • A coup without penalty…everyone walks?
  • The big unexplained variable in COVID19 deaths
  • Chris Christie already released from hospital
  • Kim Jong-Un interesting new speech video
  • Despicable Keith Olbermann

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Episode 198 Scott Adams: Flag-Lowering, Chinese Hacking, NAFTA and Google Searches


  • The half-mast flag and President Trump not invited to eulogy
  • Now known…Chinese hackers got every single Hillary email
  • President Trump’s trade strategy is making stock market happy
  • Google President Trump…all the left leaning stuff dominates results
  • How is the Bruce Ohr and wife story not the top story everywhere?
  • Straight of Hormuz trouble with Iranian Navy?
  • Talent pool for ISIS leadership as top guy after top guy is eliminated
  • Blight Authority, interesting land use suggestions


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