Episode 408 Scott Adams: The Tale of Three Hoaxes, Most Recently about Candace Owens


  • Hoax: Claim that Candace Owens praised Hitler
  • Hoax: President Trump’s Charlottesville statement
  • Hoax: Virginia doctor promoting murder of healthy newborns
  • Lesson: Be hesitant about believing things that are ridiculous on the surface

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Robots Read News – About Hitler’s Testicles

    In the news, scientists confirm that Hitler had only one normal testicle. So Christmas came early for humorists all over the world.

    I’d like to get a jump on the lazy comedy writers that are sleeping late. Which one of these jokes should I tweet?

    (If your firewall is blocking images, only the best one will be on Twitter, and later, so sorry about that.)


    This next comic was edited per your comments. The old third panel was a slippery slope punchline (with a typo). For the writers following along at home, I would not have written this updated punchline, below, on my own because it seems more biased than clever. So here, for your reading pleasure, I remove my ego from the equation and give you what you asked for.