Episode 641 Scott Adams: How to Beat Warren, China Fentanyl, G7, Homes for Low Income People, #HOAX5


  • China is NOT a country other countries can trust in business
    • 23 tons on Chinese Fentanyl busted on way to America
    • What was the intent for that much poison?
  • NYT planned to spin EVERYTHING as racist for the next year
    • #HOAX5
  • Low cost concrete homes have a MAJOR concept flaw
  • WhenHub’s exciting new features
    1. Callers can now suggest a time for expert availability
    2. “Interface Pro” allows organizations to provide experts
  • Elizabeth Warren the weak campaigner…is a learning machine
    • Dump the “Granny glasses” and she’ll jump 5% in polls
  • Do NOT vote for Elizabeth Warren if you like your current healthcare
    • Who wants LESS QUALITY care for the currently covered?
  • Healthcare for ALL means WORSE care for the currently covered
  • Almost NOBODY lives their life as if climate change fears are real
    • Yet…EVERYBODY says they have concerns or fears?
  • Kamala Harris campaign performance so far..a “C-“ or a “D”?

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