Episode 424 Scott Adams: Bombshell Fake News, Unwitting Russian Assets, a Solution for Climate Change


  • Clapper says POTUS might be witting or unwitting asset of Russia
  • Clapper’s narrative, does it destabilize America and benefit Russia?
    • Clapper narrative makes HIM a witting or unwitting Russian agent
  • Black, brown and white citizens have a common enemy, the media
    • Media profits by CREATING racial conflict and tension
  • Trump’s GLOBAL effort, to end criminalization of homosexuality
    • No American President has ever done so much for gays
  • NYT “bombshell” story has NO named sources
    • We should ignore stories without names sources
  • Climate Change Risk – Whiteboard, Mass extinction or not
    • Probability of outcome, options for each possibility
    • VERY smart people on both sides
  • Most nuclear power plant issues are resolved by Gen 4 designs
    • Gen 4 power plants actually CONSUME nuclear wastes
    • Gen 4 also costs less and is economic
  • WhenHub offers donate option to support Interface app experts
    • Option for periodic donations coming soon

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