Episode 1620 Scott Adams PART2: Let’s Talk About All The Fake Coronavirus Data and More Fun


  • Dramatic support increase for nuclear energy
  • Chicago teachers return to classroom
  • AZ Governor Ducey’s persuasive framing
  • Garbage hospitalization numbers
  • Experts stopped talking about long-haul COVID
  • Feb 1, CDC accurate death rate deadline
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Episode 1620 Scott Adams PART1: Let’s Talk About All The Fake Coronavirus Data and More Fun


  • Dramatic support increase for nuclear energy
  • Chicago teachers return to classroom
  • AZ Governor Ducey’s persuasive framing
  • Garbage hospitalization numbers
  • Experts stopped talking about long-haul COVID
  • Feb 1, CDC accurate death rate deadline
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topics to build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.

Episode 1312 Scott Adams: Hypnosis, Partisanship Causes Brain Damage, Evidence of the Simulation, and the Cuomorona

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  • Public speaking tip for effectiveness and persuasion
  • Biden talks to China…about what?
  • Science confirms: Being partisan causes brain damage
  • A productive reframing of “racism everywhere”
  • Light technology effectively treats COVID-19 
  • Governor Cuomo versus the Democrats

If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topics to build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.

Episode 645 Scott Adams: Talking About Politics, AI, and Brain Hacking


  • Mexican military clashes with illegals at Mexico’s southern border
    • Does Mexico need a…WALL on their southern border?
    • Would it cost Mexico LESS in the long-run to build…a wall?
  • Democrat candidates review…how they’re doing, what to expect
  • If Biden drops out…
    • …who will absorb his African-American supporters?
  • James Mattis new book’s criticism of  President Trump
  • Lawrence O’Donnell’s report and retraction, Maddow’s reaction
  • Elon Musk, Jack Ma debate AI potential
  • Software developer pushback against the Simulation Theory
    • Creative people vs software developer mindsets
  • Is the universe old enough to justify the theory of evolution?
  • Computers will never have “souls”…people don’t have them either
  • Whiteboard Talk: Mental Hacks
    • ReProgramming your own brain
    • EASY personal preference modification

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Episode 72: Causes of School Shootings, Terrorism, Fake News, Plus Hypnotism


  • Jordan Peterson getting pecked to death by his critics
  • Jordan’s premise: Monogamy reduces violence
  • School violence, common factors
  • Video games association with violence
  • “top of mind” thoughts and influence on beliefs
  • Scientific study: Journalists more susceptible to bias than other professions
  • Understanding the power of hypnosis
  • Darren Brown / Simon Pegg, demonstration of memory being rewritten
  • Journalists have taken role of hypnotist, rewriting audience memory
  • NXIVM Raniere interview
  • John Legend becoming the thing he hates

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Win Bigly Bonus Chapter

Readers who pre-ordered my new book, Win Bigly, already got a copy of the bonus chapter that I offered with the pre-order. Now that the book is out, I thought I would include it here for the rest of you. The context is that I’m a trained hypnotist and people often ask me about the topic, so I thought I would answer the most common questions about it. This chapter is in the book, but publishing it here makes it easier to share.

For me, the biggest impact from learning hypnosis was recognizing that people are not rational creatures. We’re creatures who act irrationally and then rationalize our choices after the fact, at least for any decision involving emotion. Once you embrace this concept, the world is far easier to understand. But there are a number of other practical benefits to adding this skill to your talent stack. I’ll tell you a few below.

Read More about Win Bigly Bonus Chapter

Hypnotists Flips Pro-Choicers to Pro-Life in Seconds (I explain how)

Here’s a link to a provocative (and disturbing) short video of a hypnotist (my word) flipping pro-choicers to pro-life in minutes. I judge it to be real because the persuasion technique is solid gold. I’ll tell you how he did it after you watch.

I’ll explain the steps he used. These are not necessarily in order. 

Step One: Choose your subjects carefully

Notice that the subjects were on the young side. Young people are easier to flip because they haven’t had as long to harden their opinions and to make those opinions part of their core self-image. The hypnotist’s method would usually fail with people over fifty. (I assume, based on what I know of persuasion.)

Step Two: Pre-suasion

Read the book Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini to see how mentioning one topic (in this case the Holocaust) can bias you for an unrelated topic that you discuss right after. The trick is to put the pre-suasion immediately before the persuasion. You don’t want time to pass. The immediacy is what makes it work. You want topic A to conflate in your brain with topic B, even if they are unrelated.

Obviously you need to pick your priming topic carefully, and that isn’t always obvious. In Cialdini’s book he discusses a study that says people are more likely to vote Republican immediately after seeing an image of an American flag. That wouldn’t have been obvious to me. But in the 180Movie.com video it is a bit easier to see why the hypnotist chose the holocaust as his primer before discussing abortion.

The hypnotist shows us his technique with a word-play game. He asks his subjects to spell the word “shop.” Then he immediately asks them what they do when they see a green light. They reflexively say “stop” because he primed them with the word “shop.” (The correct answer is that green lights mean go, not stop.) The hypnotist accomplishes two things with this question. He first makes the subjects start to doubt their own common sense, which helps if you want to change a mind. But it is also a wink to the trained persuaders watching the video. He is showing us his technique. 

As I have told you in this blog before, persuasion works even if you know the technique and recognize it as it is happening to you. 

Notice also that the hypnotist chooses the holocaust because it has maximum emotional impact and he can describe a bulldozer scene that is chilling and visual. He also uses trial jury legend Gerry Spence’s method of putting them in the imagined scene so if feels personal. 

For maximum persuasion you want high visual content and high emotional content. The hypnotist maxed out on both. (This guy is not a beginner.)

Step Three: Make them convince themselves

The hypnotist asks questions and lets the subjects talk themselves into changing their opinions. If he directly challenged their beliefs they would just harden in their resistance. But he gives them encouragement and the freedom to do it on their own. That freedom is an illusion. He is changing their minds for them.

I use this method a lot. 

Step Four: Get them to say “baby”

The hypnotist tries to lead the subject into calling a fetus of any age a “baby.” He does that by showing sonograms of a fetus just a few weeks old. Remember that our visual sense is our strongest. Seeing eye-indications on the fetus makes us think of a human. It makes us assume life. It’s a reflex. 

Then he asks the subject to fill in the answer to the following question:

“It’s okay to kill a baby in the womb when…”

That’s triggers the subjects to become pro-life at that moment.

Step Five: Move them from certainty to doubt.

Some subjects probably didn’t say “baby” when prompted, so the hypnotist takes another path. He asks them if they would blow up a building if they didn’t know for sure whether or not there was a living person inside. Of course the subjects say no.

Then the hypnotist connects the dots. You can’t be 100% certain there is no “life” in a fetus, even at a few weeks from conception. It is unknowable.

The subjects in the film give up at that point and express pro-life sentiments.

Notice that “blow up the building” is super-strong visual imagery. That is good technique.

Step Six: Make them say the new opinion out loud

The hypnotist makes his subjects state clearly and publicly their new position as pro-lifers. Cialdini’s book Influence teaches us that once you commit to a stance it becomes hard to change your mind. So as soon as the hypnotist got the conversion he wanted he locked it in by making them proclaim their new position in public.

Step Five: Ignore the failed attempts

I assume the video leaves out any failed attempts. This isn’t the sort of thing that works every time. It leaves the viewer with the idea that pro-choicers are just confused. All they need is two minutes of explanation and they will flip.

The reality is that most people are locked into their positions on abortion. The hypnotist in this video is crazy-good, but you can’t flip most people that quickly.

Still, the fact that it can work at all should tell you that everything you ever thought about human rationality was wrong.

Update: Some of you asked what method could be used to flip someone from pro-life to pro-choice. That’s harder because the emotional argument is heavily biased to one side. (You can’t top a dead baby-maybe.) And emotion is a big part of persuasion. The Persuasion Filter predicts a long term trend toward restricting abortion rights simply because that side of the debate got their persuasion right, finally. 

My own view on abortion is that men like me should sideline themselves on this topic and let women decide what situation is most credible and tolerable. I’ll follow their lead. I add nothing to the quality of the decision. (The financial dimension is a separate question.)

On a totally unrelated note, what is the most useful and entertaining book you have ever read? 

Scott Adams

Author of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

The Hypnosis Lawyer

Did you see the story about the Ohio lawyer that allegedly hypnotized his female clients against their will and molested them? He was just sentenced to 12 years in prison for “kidnapping.”

You might be wondering if it is possible for a hypnotist lawyer to put people into trances in his office, sexually molest them, and have them leave with no memory of the event. The answer is no, unless he discovered something that other hypnotists don’t know about.

But he went to jail anyway.

Your first clue that something is fishy is that a lawyer who is allegedly a first-class hypnotist couldn’t win a court case. Joking aside, that is unlikely, given that the standard for conviction is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I’m not a lawyer, but as a trained hypnotist I’m fairly certain I could give a jury reasonable doubt about their own existence. So the fact that a jury of human beings convicted this lawyer conflicts with the fact that he is allegedly an amazing hypnotist. It’s possible. But it is unlikely.

So how can we explain multiple women coming forward with similar stories of blurry memories and sexual abuse involving this same lawyer? There are two possibilities that I can see.

1. The defendant is the first hypnotist in the world (as far as I know) to learn how to put people into trance in casual conversation and make them forget multiple sexual molestations.


2. Several women experienced cognitive dissonance and independently hallucinated similar molestations.

A year ago – before you started reading my blog posts about persuasion – you probably would have assumed the logical explanation is that a super-hypnotist did in fact put several women into trance against their will and molest them. After all, what are the odds that several women would have the same story?

But if I have taught you anything this year it is that mass delusions – and small group delusions – are totally common and expected in life. On the other hand, the rise of the world’s most powerful super-hypnotist – who can’t win a jury trial – is unlikely.

I’ve been a certified hypnotist for decades. And I’ve studied the field of persuasion for years. In all of that time I have never heard about or seen a verified case of someone losing memory from a hypnosis session. 

But I have heard of lots of cases in which multiple people hallucinated similar things that didn’t happen. Usually there is some trigger for cognitive dissonance. In this case – hypothetically – the women might be embarrassed that they got into sexually-charged conversations with their lawyer. If their behavior conflicted with their self-images, cognitive dissonance would kick in.

But how in the world could several women all have similar stories? That’s unlikely, right?

No. That sort of thing is more common than you imagine. Sometimes it happens because police ask leading questions, such as “Did anything unusual happen when you were in his office?” And “Do you remember everything that happened?” And of course, “We are investigating claims that he used hypnosis to molest clients.” Any questions along those lines would produce similar-sounding hallucinations. That’s what happened in this famous court case. It’s a well-documented phenomenon.

I feel confident in saying that the women involved in the case believe their own stories, whether the stories are true or not. In other words, they all could pass lie detector tests, and they are probably super-credible witnesses because they believe what they are saying. (I wasn’t there, so I can’t know what happened.)

From my perspective as a trained persuader, the most likely explanation for the lawyer’s situation is that he did in fact use conversational persuasion to generate sexual arousal in his clients. That part is totally feasible and not terribly difficult for a trained hypnotist to accomplish. If the clients found themselves enjoying the experience, and going with it, they might later realize their behavior did not match their self-images. Especially if they had husbands or boyfriends. That setup would almost guarantee that cognitive dissonance happens to “explain” why the women acted in ways counter to their self-images. Add some leading questions from investigators and you have enough to create several similar-sounding hallucinations of unwanted sexual molestations. 

And keep in mind that these women were likely to be in the 20% of the public that has a strong reaction to suggestion. If a hypnotist identified them as being especially suggestible, the investigators could plant suggestions in them as well, but only accidentally in the latter case.

If you are wondering how easily a group of humans can be thrown into the same hallucination, consider that half of Americans believes their country just elected a racist, homophobic, sexist and the other half thinks we elected an open-minded guy who is no more sexist than most people. No matter which half of the country is right, the other half of the country is in a deep hallucination. We just don’t know which half. (Yes, I know that you know the other half is hallucinating. But keep in mind that the other half thinks you are the one hallucinating.)

Anyway, back to the lawyer. I don’t know the facts because I wasn’t in the room when any of it happened. But one woman wore a wire and recorded the lawyer talking inappropriately. So we know something wasn’t right. I doubt he was innocent of all wrongdoing. I’m just explaining the limits of hypnosis as I understand them. In summary:

Hypnosis Can’t: Make you forget you were molested in a lawyer’s office by the time you walk out. (As far as I know.)

Hypnosis Can: Produce intense sexual arousal, even in conversational form.

Cognitive Dissonance Can: Make a group of people see the same hallucination. (This is common.)

We can’t know for sure what happened in the case of the hypnosis lawyer. I just thought it was a good teaching moment.

You might like reading my book because I am not a lawyer.

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Hypnotizing My Dog, Snickers

I often write about the importance of context. Watch how important context is to my dog, Snickers. 

And yes, humans are almost as easily influenced by context. They just don’t realize it.

If you like this video, there is no reason to believe you would also love my book and recommend it to everyone you know. And remember to check out the larger Persuasion Reading List I put together for you.

Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 4 – The Climax)

Warning: This post involves real hypnosis on the reader, and it is intended for adults only. Do NOT read further unless you have already read parts 1-3. 

Part 1

Part 2 (I can’t link to it for some reason. Just scroll up from #1.)

Part 3

Let’s begin by reviewing what we know.

You know I already told the bedroom-submissives reading this blog to obey my orders tonight and find a way to thank me. This group is quivering in anticipation and has my permission to enjoy the evening. You are my favorites. Be good.

For those of you who felt anti-aroused reading this blog series, I recognized your brain wiring as the no-by-reflex personality type, and in Part 2 I hypnotized you to NOT enjoy your New Year’s celebration, or the following day, with deeply satisfying orgasms. If you enjoy yourself sexually during this holiday, it means I am controlling you with my hypnosis, and this group doesn’t want that. So keep your sex drive to yourself. If you can.

And you know I promised that today is the day for the rest of you. I will begin by noting those areas in which you and I most agree. This is called pacing. It is how I get inside your head to push buttons.

You have found yourself thinking about my words more than usual this week. You are curious whether I have the skills to suggest you into the best orgasms of your life on New Year’s eve, or New Year’s day. If not the best orgasms of all time, definitely some of the best. But probably the best.

I will explain why it will work.

Think about the best lover you have ever had. Remember that person’s scent, and touch. Notice how the memory activates your feel-good chemistry.

You have noticed that each lover, and each situation, feels different on a chemical level. Your body’s sexual chemistry is, by its nature, adaptable, diversified, and ready for new experiences. Imagine what would happen if you combined the best chemistry from your best orgasmic experiences into one cumulative experience. Do you think you would like that?

It already started. 

Most of you have begun to feel the change. My email (Dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com) is starting to fill with stories from readers who have had spontaneous orgasms since Part 1 – because they feel my intention – as you do now. For perspective, about 20% of the public would normally respond to my suggestions immediately. The rest of you require repetition. And you are getting it.

Whether you could feel my intention earlier this week, or it starts later today, every person is different. Tonight, all paths to satisfaction are the right paths. Tonight you have my full appreciation – with complete sincerity – for everything you are, and everything you did this year, good or bad. I like you, and I mean it. Reading your comments is often a highlight of my day. Feel my appreciation and allow it to boost your chemical experience. 

Regular readers know that I used my background in hypnosis to accurately predict nine-out-nine political events in 2015, while most political professionals got zero right. That makes me the best political pundit of the year.

Actually, that probably makes me the best political predictor in the history of Earth. Nine out of nine – and none of the predictions were obvious or based on trajectory.

As I made my predictions, I showed my work every step of the way and asked you to judge me by my predictions, as opposed to fitting my hypothesis to the past, which is too easy. And then I accurately predicted – with confidence – nine-out-of-nine unknowable future events. 

And you watched it happen. 

You might also know some of my back story, and wonder how someone can become a cartoonist with no experience, no training, and no artistic talent. The answer is that I did it the same way I predicted nine-out-of-nine political events in 2015. Persuasion is a learned skill.

You probably also know that I have used something called affirmations to find success. An affirmation is a simple statement of what you want, repeated every day. Affirmations are a longer story, but the key is focus. 

This week I helped you focus on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. Some of you took that opportunity to plan ahead so you could improve your odds of an amazing and orgasmic send-off to 2015.

Some of you directed a spouse or lover to this blog series to make sure you are on the same page tonight and tomorrow. That also improved your odds, but you don’t yet realize how much. 

This week, most of you had multiple thoughts about the suggestions I put in your minds. Perhaps something in the environment triggered those thoughts, as I said would happen. Or maybe the thoughts seemed to come from nowhere. Your thoughts triggered small but automatic releases of happy-sex chemistry in your body, by reflex. Everyone is different, so you might not notice the difference yet.

Science tells us that happiness makes us smile, but forcing a smile also releases the chemistry in your body that makes you happy. Our bodies and minds are bidirectional. Either one can jumpstart the other and create a virtuous cycle.

For example, if you think about your favorite type of sex it will trigger your brain to release sex chemicals in your body. But you can also feel a sexual urge build up in your body that is caused by nothing but a lack of sex, and that forces you to think about sex, and to seek a release of some kind. It works both ways.

A number of times this week you thought about having an amazing physical experience on New Year’s eve, and the following day. Each time you had that type of thought, it triggered a small but pleasing increase in your body chemistry. 

When you notice your body responding to triggers today and tonight – especially when your favorite body parts are involved – it will make you wonder if my suggestions had anything to do with it. That will make you think of my suggestions, my intentions, and my predictions. And that will trigger your brain, which will activate your body, which will create a feeling that reinforces your thoughts. The cycle of triggering will continue until you find a way to relieve it. And you will.

Have yourself a happy new year in the best possible way.

Update: The “thank yous” are pouring in, and people are telling me it was the best orgasm (or several) of their lives. I’m hearing stories of rejuvenated marriages, skeptics converted, submissives reaching new heights, and generally a lot of blown minds.

And the day isn’t over.

I don’t have any way to estimate percentages except from my knowledge of hypnosis in general. I expected 20% of my readers to have life-changing experiences, 20% to be annoyed or turned-off, and 60% to feel something happen that demonstrates the unexpected power of persuasion. The 60% would be more easily persuaded in person, with feedback and repetition. 

The 20-60-20 ratio is sort of a given for persuasion on groups. A persuader who can swing 20% of the country at will can dominate nearly any important political topic.