Episode 519 Scott Adams: 85% of CNN’s Political Coverage, Deserving Sports


  • 85% of CNN’s POLITICAL coverage…is fake news and hoaxes
    • Red-pilling statistic challengers with the “fine people” HOAX
  • Somebody should create a fact check list of CNN lies?
  • Quillette’s Claire Lehmann tweet about trans athletes
  • De-escalating fears of Chernobyl type nuclear disasters
    • Chernobyl, Gen 1 safety systems, primitive 1960s era
    • Gen 3 nuclear designs are safer by design and time proven
    • Gen 4 nuclear designs have even safer concepts
  • 430 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel
    • Israel in response, “mowed the lawn”
  • Demands to jail AG Barr…because CNN can’t read
  • Was it an organized coup plot to take out President Trump?
    • Lots of questions for top people like Brennan and Clapper
    • How much did Obama know, and when did he know it?
  • Biden’s election chances are…zero?
    • He doesn’t have a natural group of locked in voters
    • Kamala would attract woman and black voters
    • Buttigieg would attract gay voters
    • Biden is just a weak version of President Trump

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