Episode 759 Scott Adams: Schiff, Comey, Impeachment and More Fun

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  • Michael Bloomberg Me-Too accusations
  • Adam Schiff townhall ruckus and his public speaking future
  • James Comey admits mistakes were made
  • Impeachment riots
  • What happened to Black Lives Matter?
  • Accusation: Scott Adams is a British globalist paid troll

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Episode 535 Scott Adams: Persuasion Lesson on Nuclear Energy, Plus Reframing Headlines


  • Joe Biden campaign…the less he’s seen/heard, the better he polls
  • #MeToo unintended consequences emerge
  • Tucker’s BAD FRAMING: Does “white privilege” exist?
    • GOOD FRAMING: Does everybody have a path to success?
    • People have different paths, but there’s a path for all
  • President Trump criticizes FOX for Mayor Pete’s Town Hall
    • Clever move that benefits both President and FOX
  • CBD shown to be effective at reducing heroin cravings
  • Matt Gaetz says PapaD tapes will show exculpatory evidence
    • Tapes were legally required to be part of FISA application
  • Loretta Lynch testified she never told Comey to call it a matter
    • Comey testified she instructed him to call it a matter
  • Persuasion from Iran
    • They’re distinguishing between POTUS and his advisors
    • “Try respect…it works” Iranian comment about US
    • Clear signal of desire for talk, not war
  • Study says racism under President Trump has DECREASED
    • NOT much change in racism during Obama administration
    • Racism has now PLUNGED under President Trump
    • Has bigotry against white and Asian people INCREASED? 
  • Morning Joe says that everyone knew, Trump wasn’t racist…
    • …BEFORE he began running for President
    • Joe says he began PRETENDING he’s racist for votes
  • Nuclear persuasion for SAFE nuclear energy
    • Pinned spreadsheet on Twitter @ScottAdamsSays
  • Persuasion advice…using SAFE nuclear energy as a topic example
  • Talk to Mark Schneider live on WhenHub Interface app
    • Mark is a nuclear expert, also on Twitter as @subschneider

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