Episode 576 Scott Adams: Middle East Peace, Project Veritas, Trump = JFK, Advice for Kamala Harris


  • Senior Google Executive, Jen Gennai and Project Veritas
    • Google is a Gatekeeper of our reality 
  • Should an algorithm ever be put on trial?
    • The point where algorithms program themselves is almost here
  • NBA will no longer call team owners…”owners”
  • Bernie’s surprisingly strong plan to tax wall street for free everything
    • It MIGHT actually work
  • Top Saudi diplomat says the “age of war with Israel is over
  • Palestinians reject Jared Kushner peace plan
    • They rejected $50 Billion…on principal? That’s just stupid
  • Knitting site Ravelry, bans Trump discussions as white supremacy
  • Joel Pollack’s article comparing JFK and President Trump
  • Fixing Kamala’s biggest problem, her unconfident laugh and smile
    • it’s subordinate, submissive, NOT Presidential

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