Episode 686 Scott Adams: Kurds in the Way, The Palace Coup, the 3rd Whistleblower

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  • My “Whistleblower 3” video
  • Matt Taibbi and others questioning “whistleblower” sincerity
  • My WSJ article today and NPC responses
  • CNN reporting that FOX news hosts have diverse opinions…
    • …and that’s bad because?
  • CNN’s casual racist opinion piece by Jeff Yang
  • President Trump’s pullout from Turkey safe zone
    • ISIS prisoners are now Turkey’s responsibility and cost
    • Hard, adult decisions are a President Trump talent
  • Kanye’s powerful “mental slavery” comment
  • Democrats gathering SECRET testimony for impeachment?
    • How is that going to work out for them?
  • Michael Moore promoting Michelle Obama for President
    • Does that mean Elizabeth Warren isn’t viable?

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